Friday, October 16, 2009


Not webcomics themselves, I love them and I read quite a few.

Or at least I used to.

It's the artists/writers/creators of them that I can't stand. And not all of them mind you. Ryan Sohmer of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group fame is a guy I can really get behind, I have no complaints with him aside from being, dare I say, too awesome? Also, Randy of Something Positive seems to be pretty cool as well.

No the ones that piss me off are the ones who beg for donations, who can't keep an update schedule, who don't even try to keep an update schedule, who think that they're hot shit acting like they're better then everyone else in the field and various other reasons.

Now mind you, I don't hold erratic update schedules for those who do webcomics on the side or for fun. They aren't your job so they should take second place to that. BUT. If they are your primary source of income and you can't follow your own update schedule? You don't have a buffer of some kind built up to cover yourself in case of sickness, accident or other unforseen emergency, that's fucking pathetic and unprofessional. And I have even less respect for the beggers, who plead for donations so they can keep updating more. If I want to pay to read comics, i'll buy a fucking newspaper douche shit.

Do not beg or plead for donations. It's tacky, it's pathetic and it makes you the lowest type of scum in the webcomic field. Either settle for your own shitty schedule, stop making your webcomic or nut up and figure out a way to EARN the money. Getting it for free or for some kind of douchebag "prize" is not acceptable. Fuck you, hard and in the ass.

But who's really pissed me off as of late? Scott Kurtz. Scott mother fucking Kurtz. Now I like PVP, I do. It's not my favorite, but i've been a steady reader for almost two years. But I've got to say enough is enough, I can't support a guy like this.

First there is Ding! his short lived WoW webcomic that was hosted on crispygamers. All was well, it updated close enough to a schedule to be ok, especially as a side project for a site that wasn't his own. But then? Nothing. No updates. For months, I think almost a half a year now, or at least nothing since that Lich King expansion came out. And worst of all, no word from him on it. Nothing saying he wasn't going to update anymore, that he had to stop, that sorry I won't be doing shit with this. Just leaving people to keep coming back until they finally give up. Which is great for him, boosts his webtraffic still. Then a few months ago he says he'll do Ding! as a weekend update on his site. That lasts all of maybe a month before it too falls off the grid with no explination or anything.

So pretty douchebag behavior, but not what sent me over the edge. What was it?

A "public" (on twitter) argument with Tom Brazleton of Theater Hopper about the balloon kid from the other day. Tom was saying that he believed it was insensitive to joke about it and Scott took offense to that and responded in the most childish manner I've ever seen. And this went on for a while folks. Quite a while. With Scott just getting more and more childish, responding with sarcasm and outright hostile attacks. Even at the end of the argument his apology to everyone who follows his twitter was a shitty attempt at a joke. Shitty not because I agree it's in poor taste to joke about that event, though I do respect Tom's thoughts on it as a parent I joked about it myself, but because it was just that. A stupid shitty joke.

The man is an over grown child, unprofessional to the max, seems to care little for his readers or for his fellows webcomic creators, and of course. A punk ass bitch.

So in short, Scott Kurtz. Fuck your face.

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