Friday, October 16, 2009


Not webcomics themselves, I love them and I read quite a few.

Or at least I used to.

It's the artists/writers/creators of them that I can't stand. And not all of them mind you. Ryan Sohmer of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group fame is a guy I can really get behind, I have no complaints with him aside from being, dare I say, too awesome? Also, Randy of Something Positive seems to be pretty cool as well.

No the ones that piss me off are the ones who beg for donations, who can't keep an update schedule, who don't even try to keep an update schedule, who think that they're hot shit acting like they're better then everyone else in the field and various other reasons.

Now mind you, I don't hold erratic update schedules for those who do webcomics on the side or for fun. They aren't your job so they should take second place to that. BUT. If they are your primary source of income and you can't follow your own update schedule? You don't have a buffer of some kind built up to cover yourself in case of sickness, accident or other unforseen emergency, that's fucking pathetic and unprofessional. And I have even less respect for the beggers, who plead for donations so they can keep updating more. If I want to pay to read comics, i'll buy a fucking newspaper douche shit.

Do not beg or plead for donations. It's tacky, it's pathetic and it makes you the lowest type of scum in the webcomic field. Either settle for your own shitty schedule, stop making your webcomic or nut up and figure out a way to EARN the money. Getting it for free or for some kind of douchebag "prize" is not acceptable. Fuck you, hard and in the ass.

But who's really pissed me off as of late? Scott Kurtz. Scott mother fucking Kurtz. Now I like PVP, I do. It's not my favorite, but i've been a steady reader for almost two years. But I've got to say enough is enough, I can't support a guy like this.

First there is Ding! his short lived WoW webcomic that was hosted on crispygamers. All was well, it updated close enough to a schedule to be ok, especially as a side project for a site that wasn't his own. But then? Nothing. No updates. For months, I think almost a half a year now, or at least nothing since that Lich King expansion came out. And worst of all, no word from him on it. Nothing saying he wasn't going to update anymore, that he had to stop, that sorry I won't be doing shit with this. Just leaving people to keep coming back until they finally give up. Which is great for him, boosts his webtraffic still. Then a few months ago he says he'll do Ding! as a weekend update on his site. That lasts all of maybe a month before it too falls off the grid with no explination or anything.

So pretty douchebag behavior, but not what sent me over the edge. What was it?

A "public" (on twitter) argument with Tom Brazleton of Theater Hopper about the balloon kid from the other day. Tom was saying that he believed it was insensitive to joke about it and Scott took offense to that and responded in the most childish manner I've ever seen. And this went on for a while folks. Quite a while. With Scott just getting more and more childish, responding with sarcasm and outright hostile attacks. Even at the end of the argument his apology to everyone who follows his twitter was a shitty attempt at a joke. Shitty not because I agree it's in poor taste to joke about that event, though I do respect Tom's thoughts on it as a parent I joked about it myself, but because it was just that. A stupid shitty joke.

The man is an over grown child, unprofessional to the max, seems to care little for his readers or for his fellows webcomic creators, and of course. A punk ass bitch.

So in short, Scott Kurtz. Fuck your face.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm getting a lot of posts out here this first day because I want their to be no confusion on things.

I'm not a nice guy. I'm not a good person. I can be, but it's not my true nature. Now that's not to say I don't care. There are a few people I care about, however the degree of how much I care and what exactly I care about varies from person to person.

I do not care for humanity as a whole. In fact it wouldn't be a far stretch to say I hate it. Again as a whole, but it does cover a very large percentage. Also I have a lot of views that are going to piss off a lot of people. Allow me to list a few examples in list form.

I'm pro-choice but only in certain exceptions. That includes health, rape, incest. It does not include 3-7 month later contraception.

I'm pro-death penalty but I also believe our justice system needs a total overhall.

I'm for updating the current drug laws and for legalizing pot. Not because I smoke it but because it's stupid to make it illegal and I want it taxed.

I'm for allowing homosexuals to get married. There is nothing sacred about marriage any more and even if there was, who put you in charge of saying what other people can and can't do? If you don't like it based on religion, then don't marry them in your church. That's what justice of the peace is for.

I'm for a strong military but only to be used for damn good reasons.

I'm anti-torture but only because it really isn't that good an information gathering tool.

I believe in evolution but I also believe in intelligent design.

I believe that the right and the left both suck.

I believe the media is outdated and worthless. All media.

I believe in a free market, but not one where you have loopholes for megacorporations to drive a truck through.

I believe government spending needs to be looked at a lot closer. By the people. That includes black ops funding. You don't have to tell us exactly what it's for, just let us know it's for black ops. Then we need to restructure where the money is going. when I give up close to 1/3 of my money in taxes, pay 8 cents on the dollar on what I buy and still have to deal with horrible roads, an underfunded education system and a rediculous health care system/government assistance then you know we have a problem.

I also don't believe in universal health care. I was without health care for a while, I have had to work some shitty jobs before I finally got a job that offers it, now I'm supposed to pay for someone else to have it? Call me a prick if you want, but why should I? Granted it's not just on the people that don't have it, I believe all buisnesses should be forced to offer at least basic health care and that the medicare system needs heavy resturctoring. But I'm not paying so everyone can have a free ride on a system you know is going to be abused worse then whitney huston by bobby brown.

Organized religion is fine, but when someone introduces it into government is when they should automatically lose their job. You belive it so that makes it right? The founding fathers believed it so we all have to? The founding fathers also rode horses, bathed twice a year, shit in a hole outside, owned slaves and lived an average life span of 50-60 years you want us to follow that too?

There are many more things that I believe/ don't believe in and if you want to know, well that's why they have a comment section here. The point I'm trying to make is this. I'm going to say things that will piss you off. If you want to disagree that's fine. But i'm still going to say them and if it angers you that much, then don't read this. Simple as that. Also, I will talk about politics and movies/tv shows on here. Yes two rather off topics for me to cover, but I like talking about both. In regards to movies, I will spoil them and no I won't post stupid spoiler warnings above them. This is your only warning, so don't whine to me about it.

I also hate people who whine about stupid things after they've been given fair warning.

An add on

You know what else I hate? Children.

I really do.

I don't want any, I don't care about yours and I sure as hell don't give a shit about anything to do with them. Children are the future? Ladies and gentlemen why should humanity have a future? Do we really deserve one? 6.5 billion people, yet folks keep on popping the little bastards out. If we could stop for even just one year, how much better off would the planet be?

But we won't. Morons who wants huge families will have them. Idiots who want to have kids so bad they take super fertilizers had pop out 4-8 at a time. Dumbasses who can't be bothered to use a condom or remember to take a pill every day or even get a shot every three months but keep the little accidents anyway.

Am I heartless? Oh yes, but emotions are both humanities greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Mostly weakness as we seem unable to harness them properly, but that's besides the point. The point is, children are horrid.

And is it fair to them? You bring them into a world full of violence and death, where the environment sucks, our resources are close to being tapped out and odds are you can't care for them. Which of course is a further drain on everyone else as we end up paying for your brats. And what do they have to look forward too? Mindless TV, a media circus that doesn't inform anyone, a political system that is run more like a sports franchise and if they're really lucky. A horrid horrid job for 30 years that crushes their soul and ruins their body and spirit, giving them maybe 5-10 good years of retirenment before it's time for the meds and the hospital visits and finally the nursing home. That's what awaits your little jimmy and sally. A life as a drone, a faceless cog in the machine who at worst will become a homless persono or a con and at best will become a cubicle worker or middle management at some corporation that wouldn't even notice if they died.

But yes, lets keep bringing the little ones into this world, ruin things for the rest of us with them. Because news flash, they are not cute, they are not adorable and they are not little miracles. What they are is a digital readout on a clock that's counting down to mankinds last days.

Lying liars and their lies

You know what pisses me off? Liars.

A very specific kind though, I actual have great respect for good liars, people that you can never tell if they are lying or you would never even think that they would lie to you.

No what I hate are people that lie to themselves. People who deny who they really are for whatever reason, or people who refuse to see the truth of a matter because they've convinced themselves that they are better off with what they have even if it is different from what they once wanted.

And don't give me this, people change, bullshit. Yes people can change, eventually over time gradually. Not overnight and in a complete 360. That is not human nature and I am a student of human nature.

No lets be honest people, with yourself if no one else. You're just afraid, afraid you'll be alone, or poor, or unheard of or whatever. But whatever it is, it scares you so you're willing to give up on everything you wanted just to avoid that, even if it makes you miserable or ruins your life. Just admit it.

Thought to be fair, it may not make you feel better, but it won't piss me off as much.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

In the begining

This is my blog. Not because I want to share my life with you, but because there are things that piss me off and get me going that I want to share with you in hopes of pissing you off as well. This blog will piss people off, mostly at me, but it's ok. Because I'm right and you're wrong.