Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm getting a lot of posts out here this first day because I want their to be no confusion on things.

I'm not a nice guy. I'm not a good person. I can be, but it's not my true nature. Now that's not to say I don't care. There are a few people I care about, however the degree of how much I care and what exactly I care about varies from person to person.

I do not care for humanity as a whole. In fact it wouldn't be a far stretch to say I hate it. Again as a whole, but it does cover a very large percentage. Also I have a lot of views that are going to piss off a lot of people. Allow me to list a few examples in list form.

I'm pro-choice but only in certain exceptions. That includes health, rape, incest. It does not include 3-7 month later contraception.

I'm pro-death penalty but I also believe our justice system needs a total overhall.

I'm for updating the current drug laws and for legalizing pot. Not because I smoke it but because it's stupid to make it illegal and I want it taxed.

I'm for allowing homosexuals to get married. There is nothing sacred about marriage any more and even if there was, who put you in charge of saying what other people can and can't do? If you don't like it based on religion, then don't marry them in your church. That's what justice of the peace is for.

I'm for a strong military but only to be used for damn good reasons.

I'm anti-torture but only because it really isn't that good an information gathering tool.

I believe in evolution but I also believe in intelligent design.

I believe that the right and the left both suck.

I believe the media is outdated and worthless. All media.

I believe in a free market, but not one where you have loopholes for megacorporations to drive a truck through.

I believe government spending needs to be looked at a lot closer. By the people. That includes black ops funding. You don't have to tell us exactly what it's for, just let us know it's for black ops. Then we need to restructure where the money is going. when I give up close to 1/3 of my money in taxes, pay 8 cents on the dollar on what I buy and still have to deal with horrible roads, an underfunded education system and a rediculous health care system/government assistance then you know we have a problem.

I also don't believe in universal health care. I was without health care for a while, I have had to work some shitty jobs before I finally got a job that offers it, now I'm supposed to pay for someone else to have it? Call me a prick if you want, but why should I? Granted it's not just on the people that don't have it, I believe all buisnesses should be forced to offer at least basic health care and that the medicare system needs heavy resturctoring. But I'm not paying so everyone can have a free ride on a system you know is going to be abused worse then whitney huston by bobby brown.

Organized religion is fine, but when someone introduces it into government is when they should automatically lose their job. You belive it so that makes it right? The founding fathers believed it so we all have to? The founding fathers also rode horses, bathed twice a year, shit in a hole outside, owned slaves and lived an average life span of 50-60 years you want us to follow that too?

There are many more things that I believe/ don't believe in and if you want to know, well that's why they have a comment section here. The point I'm trying to make is this. I'm going to say things that will piss you off. If you want to disagree that's fine. But i'm still going to say them and if it angers you that much, then don't read this. Simple as that. Also, I will talk about politics and movies/tv shows on here. Yes two rather off topics for me to cover, but I like talking about both. In regards to movies, I will spoil them and no I won't post stupid spoiler warnings above them. This is your only warning, so don't whine to me about it.

I also hate people who whine about stupid things after they've been given fair warning.

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