Monday, August 17, 2009

An add on

You know what else I hate? Children.

I really do.

I don't want any, I don't care about yours and I sure as hell don't give a shit about anything to do with them. Children are the future? Ladies and gentlemen why should humanity have a future? Do we really deserve one? 6.5 billion people, yet folks keep on popping the little bastards out. If we could stop for even just one year, how much better off would the planet be?

But we won't. Morons who wants huge families will have them. Idiots who want to have kids so bad they take super fertilizers had pop out 4-8 at a time. Dumbasses who can't be bothered to use a condom or remember to take a pill every day or even get a shot every three months but keep the little accidents anyway.

Am I heartless? Oh yes, but emotions are both humanities greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Mostly weakness as we seem unable to harness them properly, but that's besides the point. The point is, children are horrid.

And is it fair to them? You bring them into a world full of violence and death, where the environment sucks, our resources are close to being tapped out and odds are you can't care for them. Which of course is a further drain on everyone else as we end up paying for your brats. And what do they have to look forward too? Mindless TV, a media circus that doesn't inform anyone, a political system that is run more like a sports franchise and if they're really lucky. A horrid horrid job for 30 years that crushes their soul and ruins their body and spirit, giving them maybe 5-10 good years of retirenment before it's time for the meds and the hospital visits and finally the nursing home. That's what awaits your little jimmy and sally. A life as a drone, a faceless cog in the machine who at worst will become a homless persono or a con and at best will become a cubicle worker or middle management at some corporation that wouldn't even notice if they died.

But yes, lets keep bringing the little ones into this world, ruin things for the rest of us with them. Because news flash, they are not cute, they are not adorable and they are not little miracles. What they are is a digital readout on a clock that's counting down to mankinds last days.

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