Monday, August 17, 2009

Lying liars and their lies

You know what pisses me off? Liars.

A very specific kind though, I actual have great respect for good liars, people that you can never tell if they are lying or you would never even think that they would lie to you.

No what I hate are people that lie to themselves. People who deny who they really are for whatever reason, or people who refuse to see the truth of a matter because they've convinced themselves that they are better off with what they have even if it is different from what they once wanted.

And don't give me this, people change, bullshit. Yes people can change, eventually over time gradually. Not overnight and in a complete 360. That is not human nature and I am a student of human nature.

No lets be honest people, with yourself if no one else. You're just afraid, afraid you'll be alone, or poor, or unheard of or whatever. But whatever it is, it scares you so you're willing to give up on everything you wanted just to avoid that, even if it makes you miserable or ruins your life. Just admit it.

Thought to be fair, it may not make you feel better, but it won't piss me off as much.

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